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Eco Entertaining

With the recently scorching summer days and the upcoming Canada Day weekend, what girl doesn’t want to bust out the barbeque and have a few friends over for food, fun, and drinks? Outdoor entertaining can be a great way to spend a summer day and, if you follow these tips, can also be green and chic.

  1. When deciding on the venue, keep in mind that local parks are easily accessible by transit, bike, or on foot, allowing your fabulous guests to arrive in an air-friendly way.
  2. Most parks also have barbeques available to borrow. Using one is not only more cost efficient, but also more eco-conscious than even the greenest equipment. If possible, try to test out your cooking skills on a propane-powered grill, which produces less noxious fumes and takes less time to heat than charcoal.
  3. To add festive flair to your outdoor soiree, decorate with eco-friendly alternatives. Unlike their latex counterparts, paper balloons are soluble in water and do not pose a threat to the surrounding wildlife. Soy candles, solar powered lanterns, and LED string lights can also brighten up the party and decorate the space.
  4. For tableware, using an old sheet for a tablecloth and reusable supplies made of biodegradable polylactide (PLA) plastic or recyclable, reusable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic can also reduce your (although probably cute and heeled) footprint.
  5. When shopping for your food and drink ingredients, aim to serve your guests organic and locally grown produce, which can be found at your local farmer’s market. Locally made alcoholic drinks are also easy to find and often featured in most liquor stores. To avoid wasting food, keep in mind how many people will be attending and pack extra containers to store leftovers for you and your guests to take home, keeping the tastes of summer going into the work week.

With these eco tips in mind, it’s possible to keep your party and food as sizzling as the weather, while still loving our number one girl, Mother Earth.

Happy Canada Day!


By: Fatima Reyes, LifestyleBOOST Editorial Intern